All About Amberle

Who is Amberle?

Amberle, (for those of you who may not know), comes from the Shannara fantasy/sci-fi series of books by Terry Brooks; “Elfstones of Shannara” to be more specific. It is a series I highly recommend reading.

I chose Amberle as my handle on the first BBS (Bulletin Board System) I joined in September of 1992. The name has stuck ever since.

A Little Personal Info About Me

I moved down from Chicago to New Orleans (Metairie actually) in July of 1995. We moved to New Orleans in November of 1996, and currently reside in a neat little neighborhood called Algiers Point.

In short, I came down for Mardi Gras in February of 1995 and not only fell in love with the town, but with Craig (aka the Gypsy Joker) as well. After a few trips back and forth between the two cities as well as some majorly high long distance bills, we decided we would have to live in the same city. New Orleans won.

In October of 1998, Craig and I made it official and tied the knot. We couldn’t be happier.