All That Slithers


Butterscotch is my albino Burmese Python. He is a really beautiful snake, named for the coloring of his skin. I’ve had him (thanks to the generosity of some very good friends) since January of 1995. This picture, taken in the summer of 1996, shows Butterscotch at 7’3″.

This picture of Butterscotch, was taken December 31, 1996 with my sister Rachel. He measured 8’4″ at the time of this photograph. He is actually small for his age, considering I was told that by feeding him often enough, he would reach 10′ in his first year. As snakes kept as pets are generally overfed, I opted to regulate his diet so that he would maintain a slower growth rate. Even so, he has grown over 5′ in the several years I have had him.

This picture of Butterscotch with my friend’s daugter Maryanne was taken in March of 2000. He is at a length of 9′, which he has maintained for the past year.

This picture was taken the same day in March and I thought it was a good reference to his size. As is evident from the photograph, he is quite tame and used to being handled. Even so, I would not let the kids handle him without supervision.

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